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It seems a fair number of people have had exactly the same thoughts as me when it comes to the old children's TV programme The Adventures of Grady Greenspace - did that actually exist or have I made it all up?! Some people struggle to remember the title, or just have vague recollections of a mouse riding a duck and talking to some owls. It seems this was quite a cult show, as generally no-one else you ask about it has any idea what you're going on about. This page will hopefully convince you all that it wasn't all just a weird dream!

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Images from the programme can be found on this page and there are also some video clips (in French unfortunately).

Letters in square brackets relate to the references and sources for pieces of information - see the bottom of the page.


The series was based around the character Grady (a dormouse) and was about the adventures and exploits of he and his friends, who were a group of environmentally-conscious animals who lived in some sort of swamp. They solved crime, mysteries or environmental problems which had generally been caused by a group of unpleasant rats called The Rafia.

A large number of live animals were used alongside a number of puppets.


The programme was a co-production of a number of companies (Damned Productions, la Société Française de Production, France 3, Productions Espace Vert and Logos Distribution). [A]

It was originally produced in French with the title "Les Enquêtes de Chlorophylle" which roughly translates as 'The Adventures of Chrolophylle'.

The programme was inspired by a cartoon character Chrolophylle published by Dargaud [A] and 52 episodes [A&B], each having a runtime of around 13 minutes [B], were made.

The English language version was produced by Central Independent Television in 1995. [C]

Characters - Puppets: (

  • Chlorophylle / "Chloro" (French) / Grady (English) - This is the shows main character. He was black and white dormouse that solved environmental issues with the aid of his friends. Grady lived inside an old building and slept in a human's old slipper.
  • Radar - Radar was a bat and close friend of Chloro/Grady. Same character name in French and English versions?
  • The Rafia - A group of unpleasant rats that were the enemies of Grady. The Rafia were usually the cause of the problem that Chloro/Grady was trying to solve.
  • Anthracite (French) / Scuzzy (English) - The main villain of the series. Scuzzy was a black rat and leader of the Rafia.
  • Maeva (French) / Rhonda (English) - A white rat that was the sister of Scuzzy. She was also Grady's love interest.
  • Malaria (French) - an old rat. English name unknown.
  • Doc Pustule (French) - a scientifically-minded toad. This is believed to be Bulgee in the English version - not confirmed.
  • L'élégant (French) - a mink. English name unknown.
  • Punky (French) - a hedgehog. English name unknown.
  • KGB (French) - appears to be a mole. English name unknown.
  • Some people remember a character living in a old washing machine, and most of these people think that was Scuzzy's mum.

Characters - Live Animals:

  • The Council - A group of owls that lived at the top of an old wooden building (possibly a barn/tower/windmill?) that Grady would consult when he needed advice.
  • Grady is seen riding a live duck in the opening sequence (appears to be an Aylesbury Duck or similar)
  • Some people remember live rabbits and mallard ducks being used

Cast and Crew: [D]

  • Voice Actors - Terrence Scammell (lead voice actor in the English version) [E]
  • Directors - Frédéric Goupil, Claude Grégoire, Michel Marin, Bruno Carrière (14 episodes)

  • Writers - Raymond Macherot (comic books), Michael Marin
  • Production Manager - Karine Dhont (1992-1993)

  • Cinematography - Jacques Meynard

Known Episodes and U.K. Transmission Dates:

Of the 52 known episodes, U.K. transmission dates are only known for two of them: [F]

03/05/1995 Vote for Grady First episode in a resumed series. Grady decides he wants to stand for election. [G]
17/05/1995 Shady Business  

Both of the above dates are Wednesdays. Presumably, an episode was shown on 10/05/1995 and on Wednesdays following the 17th May, but as there is no resource on the internet for looking up old ITV listings, this is not confirmed.

I distinctly remember watching the programme on Sunday mornings at my grandparent's when I'd stayed overnight - not sure if that was the first series or a repeat from the Wednesday airing though.

UPDATE 11th September, 2012: I have now obtained a list of the titles of 51 of the 52 episodes, but in French. I will update the above shortly.

Transmissions in Other Countries:

The programme originally aired in Canada and France from 1992 onwards and Wikipedia now states that it was broadcast in Sweden from 1994 onwards. Comments on one of the YouTube clips indicate it was aired in Bulgaria and maybe even Nigeria.

Theme Song:

The lyrics to the song in the opening titles are probably the most-debated aspect of this programme. I can remember the following, which is the start of the song:

The valley is the place, and Grady's on the case,

With Bulgee and with Radar,

It's up to him to bring crooks in...

Sometimes it feels you just can't win, you try but everywhere you look they're closing in.


I'm pretty certain that's very close if not spot on. I seem to think there was then another line possibly with the words "enough to smell" in it.

I'm fairly sure the second verse started with the line:

Scuzzy's just a rat, his face is quite alarming.

And that the very last line was:

The valley is the place, come and join the chase, crack the case with Grady Greenspace!


Any help to piece together the rest, and any further information about the show generally, would be greatly appreciated! I can be contacted via the 'Contact' link in the menu bar above. Thanks in advance! 

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